Thursday, January 10, 2008

My first prenatal appointment

My first prenatal appointment went really well today. The doctor said my due date is August 30, as opposed to August 28 like most of the internet sites say. At least I'm still due at the "end of August." :)

We spent a lot of the time visiting. I really do like her as a person and a doctor. We talked about midwives, and she said that she would really like to do that someday. She has talked to the midwife I've heard of in the area, and she said she believes that she is a good one because they've never had any emergencies with her clients. She commented that it's a good midwife if the hospital doesn't know much about her. :)

I think if we are still in the area when the baby comes, that I will stay with Dr. Bolz. The reason is she said that we'll make it as close to a homebirth as possible. She'll give me her cell phone #, and I can call her when I feel like pushing and she'll meet us at the hospital. She only lives a couple blocks away and we're within 5 minutes of the hospital. She even offered to stop by to check in on us while we're laboring at home. Then she said that since I'm not a new mom that she wouldn't mind if we leave the hospital whenever we want, even within a couple hours a birth. Yes! This is exactly what I want! Besides a full homebirth, that is. :) But at least I already know Dr. Bolz and she knows me. Plus it'll put Tim's mind at ease and we wouldn't have to worry about insurance.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm feeling crappy tonight. I feel like I just want to cuddle up into a mountain of blankets and zone out watching a movie. I get so tired. For some reason I don't remember being sooo tired with Cedric.

Tim spent a couple hours this afternoon with Cory Hailey. He went over to his house watched some football. It had been a while since they'd gotten together. It sounded like they had a pleasant time, even though Tim doesn't particularly like watching football. :)

Right after church today we went out to lunch with Mom and Dad at Whistlers. It was so nice. Cedric usually does well at restaurants.

Cedric has been sleeping a lot lately and has been preferring me over Tim. Usually he does just as well with Tim unless he wants to nurse. I wonder what's going on with him.

Here's a pic for Tim and Josh and Michael. The sword reminds of the sword of the Spirit. Makes me thing of the offering and ministry of worship.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tim is working 1 to 10pm today, and I spent several hours this afternoon up at Mom and Dad's house. I usually stay until Cedric's bedtime, 8pm, so that he'll fall asleep on the way, but the weather has been weird lately with melting and then freezing so Tim preferred that we make our way home in daylight. Thus we left for home around 4pm. It was good to see Mom and Dad. Dad even made an early dinner for us of roast, potatoes and carrots and onions, and gravy. It hit the spot. I always enjoy spending a Saturday up there. Man, so does Cedric. :) He was talking the whole time. We spent some time at the table visiting, and Cedric kept asking to pray. He liked to get up on an adult-sized chair and sit on the edge like a big boy and then he would grab his hands together, bow his head, though still looking at us, and say "pay, pay, pay." Well we said more than a few extra prayers this afternoon, that's for sure. :)

I am off to bed now though. I didn't get a nap today, and I am pretty pooped.

I have a fair collection of cool pictures I've found over the last couple years, and I thought I'd start sharing them one by one here on my blog. So here is another. It's a thought provoker. The artist could have intended several different messages. What do you think?

Friday, January 4, 2008


It was so cute, or rather funny, the other day. I had just finished laundry and had my folded laundry in a bin waiting to be put away in the bedroom. Well, after a while Cedric came out with 3 pairs of my colorful thong panties and a bra strung around his neck. What a picture that would have made! I couldn't get myself to take that mean of a blackmail picture though. It could have been used against me too, anyway. LOL :D

Cedric doesn't get to watch TV very often, but Tim has been watching White Christmas at least several evenings a week and Cedric has been joining him. I am feeling lazy this afternoon so when Cedric asked for "dance, dance" and pointed to the DVD case, I set him up with the movie. He sure has been dancing a lot more since watching that thing. :)

We are discovering that both Tim and I really enjoy old musicals. We'll have to slowly build a collection.

Here is a picture that I found that I really like. It's meant to be a nativity picture but it reminded me of me. So it's extra special. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Couple favorite pictures

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Cedric taken over the last month:

Oooooo! His Christmas Tonka Truck.

Trying on Daddy's new suit jacket. :)

This is his "Evil Baby Einstein" impression.

I have not been feeling well today. Nauseous and a headache. I am so thankful that I am not working this time. I can actually sit down and zone-out for a while if I need to. And I can bundle up as much as I want to stay warm! Much more comfortable this time around. :)