Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day Before Thanksgiving

Cedric is sleeping in his toddler bed now. It wasn’t too hard to switch him over really. But it’s pretty neat that he’s had another “graduation”. Now the crib is freed up for Cienna. I think it’ll be a while until we switch her over though. There’s really no hurry to move her out of the co-sleeper by our bed as long as she’s happy in it.

I’ve long enjoyed to crochet but never got to do much of it; however, I recently found a ministry that ships homemade afgans to orphanages in 20 different countries. They send you a pattern to follow and you get to pick the colors. When I finish the afgan(s), I’ll send it to the ministry headquarters and they’ll ship it off in a backpack filled also with a teddy bear and school supplies. I’ve begun my first afgan, and it’s really satisfying knowing that I’m creating something that will bring comfort to an orphan. For more info about it, check out this blog about the Jabez Blanket Ministry: I'll post a picture of the afgan when I'm finished.

Cienna has not been sleeping well during the day since she’s begun teething. I’m having a hard time getting anything done. She does well in the sling but it’s difficult to bend over with her strapped to my front, and she doesn’t do well on my back yet because she keeps losing her binki. It’s surprising how much work around the house includes bending over….

Cedric is such a goof.

I love this picture of them together. Cedric really does love his little sister. He loves to lean in to coo and smile at her, calling her "baby girl" and "sweetie" and in a sing song voice.

This first video is of Cienna “talking”. She is really reactive to someone looking in her face and talking, she’ll start talking right back.

This next one show’s a quick smile and more “talking” from Cienna and a big one from Cedric.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pics & Videos

Cienna has begun teething for sure this past week. She's drooling like crazy, and her fussiness usually responds well to Hylands Teething Tablets. She has become so smiley this past week as well. Finally! :) I'll try to get a video of it sometime. I've been meaning to post more recent pictures of her as well, so there'll be more picture blogs soon.

In the mean time, here are some misc. pictures taken recently. The first is of Mom, Cienna, Cedric & Cian on the 8th. That's Cedric's camera smile. He always squints his eyes, thinking that he's actually smiling. :)

Cian and Cienna napping together. They actually stayed like that for a while.

Another nap.

Daddy and Cedric late one night at Josh & Amber's.

Cedric & Cienna at our house.

While we were at Josh and Amber's they got to play their Rock Band game. Cedric was the star singer for a while.

Here is a video of Cedric "sharing" Cienna's binky. Silly goose.

Just tonight I had both Cedric and Cienna on my lap, heads leaning on my shoulders and facing eachother, and then Cedric swapped binkys with Cienna. She had his and he had hers. It was rather precious.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Musings

Cienna had her 2-month checkup a couple weeks ago and she was in the upper 90% for everything: her height, weight, and head. She was 13 lbs. 14 oz.! :) I guess I was always in the 90% as an infant too, so it's not surprising for Cienna.
I think Cienna is going to keep her dark grey-blue eyes, just like mine. They're definitely not as ambiguous as Cedric's were at this age. Cedric's finally turned light brown (some call it hazel or greenish brown) at 12 months. I think it's neat that Cedric has my hair and Tim's eyes, while Cienna has Tim's hair and my eyes. :)

Here is Cienna's first camera-captured smiles:

This picture was taken a few nights ago. Cedric got out these casserole dishes and fed his "friends" dinner:

Here is a picture of Tim in his LaFou getup. It looked great on stage!:

Well, I am bummed that Obama won. Not surprised but bummed. I am concerned about the drift away from freedom in healthcare and education choices, as well as having a militarily inexperienced Commander-In-Chief who is more concerned with the popular vote than military strategy and integrity. What bothers me the most however is his plan to sign the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) which will wipe away all restrictions and safe-guards on abortion including parental notification, partial birth abortion, and the ability of individual states of regulating abortion within their borders. I am all for women's rights; however, there is never a time when it is appropriate to take another person's life simply because they are a huge and painful inconvenience or embarassment to you. This is human life we are talking about, people. There is no other honest way of looking at it. Abortion is not the best choice.

Reality Check:

Partial Birth Abortion