Monday, October 6, 2008


I’m not sure how to start this blog so I’ll just right in with the newsy stuff:

Tim’s last Beauty and The Beast performance was last Saturday night. He did awesome! I really enjoyed watching him. I was able to see it both Saturday night performances. I’m so thankful Mom and I went that first Saturday because Cienna was not feeling well the second Saturday and I spent 2/3 of the play with her in the lobby. Cedric went to the 2nd Saturday and was enthralled. I wasn’t sure he would be interested for the entire 2-1/2 hour play but he was. Whenever Tim left the stage he would ask, “Daddy go?” During intermission, Grammy took him down to look in the orchestra pit and the first thing he saw was a plate of cookies on the piano. He pointed and said, “Cookies, cookie,” and the musicians handed him up one. It was cute. I had fun being introduced to several of Tim’s fellow cast members. Tim made such a good impression on them. They kept telling, “Your husband is the nicest guy!”, etc. *proud to be his wife* Tim is so talented and loves doing this sort of thing. It was really tough with all the play practices but it was worth it so that Tim could enjoy himself doing this. He’ll probably do another one in a couple years. He’s hoping for the King and I and to play the king or Aladin in which he’d want to be the jeanie. :)

We have gotten serious about potty training Cedric this past week. He’s only wearing diapers when he sleeps and we’re not confident enough yet to go in public without them. We’re almost there though! He is doing great! He was definitely ready. He was showing signs of being ready and I had to admit to myself that the only reason he wasn’t potty trained was because I wasn’t putting the effort into it. We had consciously decided to wait to get serious about potty training until after Cienna arrived, and since she’s been here two months now, we figured it was high time to do it. He’s having a bit of trouble forgetting he doesn’t have a diaper on when he wears just pants and undies, but he is totally accident free when he goes pant-less around the house. He’s even gone #2 in the potty chair, which can be a big deal for toddlers. He’s growing so fast!

Cienna is doing great. She is still a very content baby which I’m SOOOO thankful for. We’ve switched to cloth diapers except when we go in public and at night. I’m really enjoying it. It’s just very satisfying knowing that I’m reducing garbage, saving money, and reducing her exposure to chemicals in paper diapers.

I am doing well. Working on losing the pregnancy weight. I’m also in real need of a hobby or time of my own or something. I think I may try to go tanning and drink a mocha with a good book once a week by myself. That sounds nice….

Here are some pictures I’ve accumulated. I’ll post a couple of Tim in the play when I get some online.

Cedric asked me to put "Baby Doll" on his back so he could be like Momma and Cienna. :)

Isn't comparison so cute? Cedric is 9 months in the first picture and 2 years old in the second.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I still have a bit of a cough, but we are basically over our cold. Cienna never showed the classic symptoms, though she was pretty fussy for a few days. Tim ended up taking a few days off work to take care of us. I was so thankful!

We are down to that last few weeks before opening night of Beauty and The Beast. Unfortunately, practices are scheduled 6 days a week until then. As long as we don't get another cold the kids and I will hang in there, but we really miss seeing daddy like we're used to. Tim's having a blast! I really look forward to seeing the play. I hope that Cedric will be able to recognize his daddy up there on stage. Though I hear, as LaFou, he gets beat up and pushed around a lot... I hope it doesn't upset or confuse Cedric! Hmmm....

This is my favorite time of year. I dislike that it means Winter is right around the corner, but I really love Fall. The colors are the best, and it's just the right temperature. Things get back down to a routine, and it just gets cozier (sp?).

Both Cienna and Cedric are doing really well. Cedric is very ready for potty training, so we're working more on that. Cienna fits really well into a routine, that is, it's not impossible to keep somewhat of a schedule. We're getting better at this 2-child thing, I think. :) I am so thankful that she is a good sleeper!

It has been tough getting used to a different level of disorder around the house. I knew that this would bug me, but it doesn't make it any easier when it's actually happening. I need to thoroughly shift my concept of a "successful" day to simply meeting the physical and emotional needs of my kids. Lindy, it's okay just to sit and cuddle with your babies amidst a torn apart house.... And it's okay for Ced to stay up until 9pm because Cienna needs you to rock her to sleep instead.... It's okay if he never got a bath tonight.... Cedric can play by himself for the afternoon.... It's okay to plug in the cartoons more than once today............................ *sigh*

Anyway.... :) Here are a couple pictures. I thought the video was kind of cute, nothing spectacular, just cute. But maybe only to a mother's eyes. :)