Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am feeling good enough this morning to write a short blog. It has been way too long. These past 3 weeks have been a blur. I can't believe February is almost over. I pretty much missed it all. This nasty cold/flu is definitely on it's way out. Today is my 9th day with it. Cedric and I had a stomach diarrhea thing for at least 10 days before that began. My nausea is doing well today. Mornings are always the best. Cedric is doing very well. Still has a bit of a cough but his diarrhea is going away and he's been sleeping well at night finally. Tim is doing really well too. He was able to go back to work after his 4th day with this cold/flu. He still has a good cough but he has energy. He has done an amazing amount of work caring for Cedric and I during this time. I have been pretty useless. Now if my morning sickness would just go away for good. I've lost 2 pounds since I've been pregnant. I'm not sure how much I lost over this past month but I think it was a fair amount because I thought I had actually gained too much weight already. I hope things even out now. I haven't been able to keep down my prenatal vitamins or any other supplements besides the vitamin B6, which sure hasn't helped with the duration of this cold/flu. Yesterday and today I have been able to take some vitamin C though and my intestines have calmed down enough that I've been able to start eating fruit again. Maybe things will start getting better. I have started taking acidophilus as well because I think my digestive tract flora was pretty much shot after vomiting and diarrhea for so long. That should help too. I've been able to keep down enough water these past 5 days as well which has brought my milk supply up to normal again. What a relief. That was not good timing with the worst of Cedric's cold/flu. Man, what a month this has been.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Long time no blog

It has been so long since I've blogged because I've just not been feeling up to sitting at the computer. It seems to increase my nausea a bit; not only sitting at the computer but also trying to think of what to say. :)

Things are going well with us. Cedric and I have been slowly getting over a stomach virus these past 8 days. For Cedric it has just been diarrhea, but for me it has been causing me to vomit most evenings and nights. Ugh.

I've been spending most of this last week lying on the couch listening to book 3 (A Storm of Swords) of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. It's a really good fantasy story for adults. There are some "fast-forward parts" (if you know what I mean) so I wouldn't recommend it for the younger crowd.

I really like this prolife picture.