Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Saturday of May

I am at work today. Today is Founder’s Day in Tonasket, and their having their annual Founder’s Day Parade. I am so jealous! It’s beautiful weather outside. I’m so glad that Tim and Cedric will be enjoying it. They’ll have fun.

Cedric has taken to saying “hi” in the sweetest voice to almost anything. He’ll cock his head and wave and croon “hiiiii” in a high-pitched voice, sometimes accompanied by a hug and kiss. Some of the funniest things he’s said hi to has been my armpit (Seriously, he’d ask me to raise my arm and after he’d waved and said ‘hi’ he’d tickle me. It was adorable.), some calking he pulled off the bathtub (This got a hug and a kiss too), and his own pee. Yes, pee. He was playing naked in our yard the other day, and he wee’d in the grass, after which he waved and said “hiiii!” I tell ya, there’s not much cuter than that. : )

Every time Cedric gets an owy, or “bonk”, he needs a kiss, of course. He’s such a sweet boy (or else confused…) that, after he’s gotten his own kiss from me or daddy, he’ll return to the object on which he bonked himself and kiss it. That’s included things like the dryer vent and his trike and Hemi, our dog. He keeps me giggling all day.

Cedric has a love-hate relationship with our riding lawn mower. He adores sitting on it when it’s parked but is terrified of it when it’s running. He asks his daddy to get the keys and turn on the “mow-loan” every day (with a sweet voice, cocked head, and a “pease?”), but the moment Tim brings out the keys and head for the lawn mower while Ced’s out there with the lawn mower, he gets so worked up! He’s done well riding on Tim’s lap before and riding in the trailer with his papa, but he must have been traumatized by it. So we’re warming up to it from inside the living room window or while in someone’s arms. Silly guy. He’ll get there. He’s just a tiny guy still. I love how he calls it “mow-loan”.

While playing with Hemi the other day Cedric got his first nose bleed. Hemi had been racing around the house and must have jumped off the couch right into Cedric’s nose. It was just a tiny bleed, but it was a milestone. : )

Sorry all you’re getting are stories about Cedric lately. Not much else has been going on. Pretty average days for both Tim and I waiting while this new baby grows. : )

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cedric stories

Cedric had his first (as far as we know :) taste of a bug this week. He was out on the porch, I was in the kitchen and had just given him a piece of cheese. I heard him yelling at something and in a minute or two he came in pointing to his mouth and saying "eat" over and over and gesturing for me to follow him. So I did and there on the porch was a half chewed piece of cheese right next to a half squashed beetle with a little bit of cheese stuck to it. The beetle was still alive but it's abdomen was not in the best shape. It was just gross. Every time Cedric eats cheese now he talks about beetles. :)

Cedric can be pretty emotionally responsive to music (runs in both sides of the family). King of the Road used to make him burst into tears but now it is Rock-a-bye Baby. I was reading him a nursery rhyme book earlier this week (singing all the ones that have tunes I know), and the very last one was Rock-a-bye Baby. About 30 seconds after I had finished, Cedric burst into tears. He was soooo sad! He kept saying, "Baby. Tree. Baby. Tree." He apparently understood the words enough to be very concerned for the baby up there in the tree (I've always been confused about the purpose of that song too...), and adding the melody to it was just too much. The silliest thing was that he kept asking me to sing it over and over again. I tried to get him distracted with something else, but no, he wanted the "baby" song. Every time I'd sing he'd burst into the saddest set of sobbing and tears you've ever heard. After singing it a few times, I started just reading it, hoping that it would help him process it without so much emotion. He'd make it through a few read-throughs before he'd start crying again. :) Silly guy. We finally wrapped it up and went to bed. No bad dreams luckily. :)

I thought these two pictures as comparisons were just adorable. The first is of Cedric at 4 days old. The second is of Cedric at 22 months.

Cedric has grown 1-1/2 inches in the past 4 months and gained almost 1 pound.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Baby has been really active this week. A few nights ago I felt it hiccuping for the first time. I am getting so big. 8-) I'm feeling good though. Just 15 weeks or so to go.

There are some big black beetles around our place that Cedric has found fascinating. One of the first ones he found, he got down on his tummy and forearms with the beetle right below his nose and leaned down as close as he could to "hug" it. It was so sweet. Here are a series of pictures of him chasing and capturing one:

It has been hot the last couple days. It got up to 92 degrees yesterday. I finally had to turn on the AC for a bit last night.

There has been two recent nights that Cedric actually declined nursing to go to sleep. He just wanted to lay on the couch with me for a while and then accepted when I offered to bring him to his crib where he fell sleep. He's getting big enough where I think it's more comfortable for him to fall sleep in the crib than in my arms, so he's been doing that frequently, though he often needs to cuddle for a while first. It's so satisfying to see him naturally weaning himself away from not only nursing but also the need to be in our arms to fall asleep.