Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pics & Videos

Cedric was so excited to see this rainbow.

Cool Cedric wearing Daddy's hat.

This is just plain cute.

And so is this.

Alright, and one more. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


All is going well for us. It is wonderful having Tim back on days. He is all “there” on the weekends, and he’s there to help get the kids in bed and then we can wind down together for the evening. It’s wonderful, so life changing.

Cienna is on my back in the sling as I write this. She could ride in this thing all day if my back would hold out. Cedric didn’t like me moving and stretching as I did house work but Cienna doesn’t mind at all and doesn’t need a toy to keep herself occupied. She just sits and watches the world go by.

I am also watching out the window as Cedric plays in the back yard. He’s wearing a coat that used to be Josh’s when he was little. It’s totally in style right now with it’s retro look. I’ll attach a picture of him in it.

Several nights ago we moved Cienna into the crib in Cedric’s room at night. The time has gone by so much faster with Cienna than it did with Cedric so I wasn’t really ready for the move, but Cienna was outgrowing the co-sleeper and not sleeping well in it anymore. The first night didn’t make much of a difference in her restless sleep but now she sleeps peacefully with her arms stretched way out to the sides. She loves it. On average she wakes up twice a night to nurse.

We are making great progress on the adoption paperwork. Our adoption study (aka homestudy) interview is scheduled for 11:30 on Saturday the 28th. The gal will be here for a 3-4 hour interview. I’m so curious about it! I’m not too nervous…. Though I am nervous because I really don’t know what to expect. I think I may enjoy it somewhat… you know, talking to someone who wants to know everything about you. J I really don’t know. We would really appreciate your prayers!

On Monday morning I started going to a women’s Bible study that is doing The Truth Project. So far it sounds great. Every week we will watch an hour long DVD and then have a chance to discuss it. It focuses on developing a Biblical worldview. I don’t have a car on Monday mornings because Tim takes our only running vehicle to work, so an older gal, Linda Fowler who is a long-time friend of Tim’s, picks me and the kids up. Cedric really enjoys the chance to play with several other kids his own age.

Well that’s enough for now. Here are some pictures of the kids:

Cedric put Daddy's beanie cap on Cienna. She thought that was great. :)

Here is Cedric in Josh's old coat! The hat totally makes the outfit. :P

Cedric and Cienna soaking up some daily sun.

Cedric used this basket as his "superhero mask" the other day.