Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's been a while since I've had a chance to write, but I have been keeping a list of things that would be interesting things to write about as they happened. Hopefully I can keep this blog from getting too long... :)

Cedric has been doing some cute things lately. We had gotten a snow globe with a butterfly in it for Cienna for Christmas, and Cedric loves it. One of the first times he watched the sparkles swirl around inside the globe, he caught his breath and said, "Sparkles kissing butterfly!" So now officially the sparkles are "kissing" the butterfly, and when they settle on the bottom they have gone "nigh-nigh". :)

A week or so ago as I was getting Cedric dressed for they day and he told me, "Momma, God loves Santa Clause." We had never said anything close to this, so it surprised me and did my heart good that he was putting those pieces together himself.

We've also had to keep an eye on Cedric and the refrigerator. He is a butter-lover. I found a still wrapped cube of butter with large bites taken out of it put back in it's proper place in the frig. It was probably a third gone. I have pictures but I'm having trouble downloading pics. I'll post it some other blog. :)

Ced likes to watch his daddy shave, and the other day as we sat patiently in the car while Tim scraped the snow and ice from the windows, Cedric commented that daddy was "shaving" the car. He keeps me giggling, I tell you.

Oh, this is cute too!: We were teaching him how to summersault and Tim would help gently push him over by poking his rear. Well Cedric thought that you had to poke your rear to tip over, so he would put his head on the floor and reach between his legs and poke his own rear before tipping over and completing his summersault. We tried desperately not to laugh too hard. :D He's got it figured out now though. Finger-free. :)

Cedric has also really gotten into pretending. The other day he had Cienna and I sitting on the couch and he pretended that it was a car and that we were stuck in the snow. (It helps that we've had some adventures on Mom and Dad's driveway already this year.) He put chains on the "tires" and dug snow from beneath the "car". He even got a couple Hot Wheel cars to try to pull us out. He really got into it, and we had a great time for at least 15 minutes. I seriously could picture this little boy when he's a grown man getting the same kick out of the challenge of being stuck in the snow. He loved the problem solving. I tell you, I am SO thankful that we have little boys who grow up to be men who love to get us out of tough spots. :)

Ok, that is the last of the cute Cedric stories I think... for now anyway.

Recently Tim and I were talking and we both would LOVE to get a blue Quaker Parrot. It's a mid-sized bird (12 inches beak to tail) and is known for talking exceptionally well and being a playful birth who loves his "flock". I think it's the kind of bird we'd really enjoy. Luckily they are not too spendy, just between $100-250. I insist on getting a very young bird that was handfed. Actually, ideally I would love to handfeed it myself if we can find one close enough to transport safely that young. I was teasing Tim that with his shaved head, mustache and gotee, he would look just like a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder. So anyway, we'll probably have to wait until after the adoption, but I'm so looking forward to it. I really miss having a lot of animals around.

I've decided to do some childcare. Just one or two kids between the ages of 1 and 4. I'm looking forward to being productive in contributing to our finances, but I am nervous about the division of my attentions. We're praying for just the right child(ren). I'm kind of looking at this as also a ministry to these children. And I pray they are a good influence on Cedric. We'll see what God brings our way.

Well, this is getting long, so I will sign off for now.


Holly said...

I love the stories of Cedric! lol. What a character. :)

Deanne said...

You know Lindy, your blog wasn't long enough! It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips hearing about Cedric's antics...too sweet!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Deanne, Lindy. I never get tired of hearing about the things the children do and say. They are so amazing!
Love, Grammy